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Conference Papers: 2006

This page provides links to papers presented at the Native Title Conference, 2006. Where available powerpoint presentations and session audio files have also been included.

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Native Title Conference 2006: Tradition and Change, Culture and Commerce


Native Title in the Kimberley (ppt presentation)

Wayne Bergmann

Anthropologists in applications for recognition of native title
(ppt presentation)

Robert Blowes SC  

Trial and Mediation Practice and Procedure (ppt presentation)

Robert Blowes SC  

An Integrated Approach to Economic and Community Development on Indigenous land

Tom Calma

MCA and Federal Government MoU

Anne-Sophie Deleflie

Power in the hands of the Traditional Owner Community

Margarita Escartin and Fiona Campbell

Information held on Federal Court native title files

Ian Irving   

ILC: A bridge between Native Title and sustainable land outcomes

Sam Jeffries

Jobs and Careers: Bridging the gap between Indigenous jobseekers and Industry for the long-term benefit of all

Barry King & L. Doherty

Rainforest Aboriginal Pesoples Involvement in the development of a Regional Cooperative Management Agreement and Aboriginal Plan

Allison Halliday

The Tide Has Turned - The Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia, and Jupagulk Consent Determination

Katie O'Bryan

Beyond the Reserve

Vincent Mundraby; Ian Kuch;
Martin Dore

'Native Title and Land Justice' - The Victorian Traditional Owners Land
and Justice Group

Bob Nicholls, Graham Atkinson, Mark Brett     

Applying Relational Databases in Native Title Research

James Rose

Native Title: The Government's Proposals for Reform

The Hon Philip Ruddock 

Your Mine or Mine? Striking the balance between development and culture

Amy Dennison

What does Aboriginal Economic Development Actually Mean and How Do We Get Some?

Raina Savage and Wendy Treasure 

Economic Development and Home Ownership on Indigenous Land

Kaely Woods