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Conference Papers: 2005

This page provides links to papers presented at the Native Title Conference, 2005. Where available powerpoint presentations and session audio files have also been included.

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Native Title Conference 2005: The Human Face of Native Title


Native Title in Victoria

Graham Atkinson
Damein Bell &
Mick Harding

Communal ownership of Indigenous land and individual wealth creation: the debate so far, identifying key questions

Stuart Bradfield

The Human Face of Native Title Challenges and Opportunities In Times Of Changeexternal sites

Tom Calma

Governance, Community Control, Native Title and Representation

Valerie Cooms

The Working Group Service Delivery Model

Anthony Dann &
Simon Hawkins

Implementing the South Australian Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) Statewide Negotiations 

Powerpoint Presentation

Ian Dixon
Parry Agius &
Peter Hall

We may have the Spirit, but do men have all the land? Women and Native Title

Jilpia Jones

Native Title Practice and the Rules of Evidence

Les McCrimmon

Aboriginal Governance and Economic Development

Warren Mundine

Achieving results from mediation

Graeme Neate

Addressing the Economic Exclusion of Indigenous Australians through Native Title

Senator Aden Ridgeway

'Authoring from the inside' or 'How did we get from Sec 223 to the WA Guidelines'?

Nick Smith

The Legal Framework for Connection Reports

Stephen Wright

Agreement - The key to sharing Australia's wealth

Brian Wyatt