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Conference Papers: 2004

This page provides links to papers presented at the Native Title Conference, 2004. Where available powerpoint presentations and session audio files have also been included.

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Native Title Conference 2004: Building Relationships


Emerging issues in mediation and facilitation research and practice for NTRB's

Toni Bauman

The New ATSIS Framework for Representative Body Strategic and Operational Planning

Dominic Beckett

The Wellesley Sea Claim: An Overview

Jason Behrendt

Indigenous relations and agreement making in the minerals industry

Michael Bissell

Get Determined: The lure of the negotiated outcome

Robert Blowes

Exploring Non-Native Title Outcomes: Experiences in Southern Africa

Bertus de Villiers

An anthropological perspective on writing for the court

Katie Glaskin

Noongar Comprehensive Regional Agreement Process

Ted Hart

Building Relationships: Keeping an eye on the bigger picture

Sam Jeffries

Promoting Economic and Social Development through Native Title

Bill Jonas

Capacity of anthropologists in Native title practice

David Martin

Mediating Native Title Agreements: Developing National Native Title Tribunal Practice

Graeme Neate

Preservation Evidence and Early Neutral Evaluation: The Esperance Nyungar Experience

Mark Ritter

The Government’s Approach to Native Title

Phillip Ruddock

Coexistence, Partnerships and Economic Relationships: Agreements in Economic Developments

Brian Stacey

Sea Country Planning

Rowan Wylie et al.