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Conference Papers: 2003

This page provides links to papers presented at the Native Title Conference, 2003. Where available powerpoint presentations and session audio files have also been included.

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Native Title Conference 2003: Native Title on the Ground


Different Visions, Different Ways: Lessons and challenges from the native title negotiations in South Australia

Parry Agius & Richie Howitt

Governance, Land Rights & Native Title

John Ah Kit

The Moral Case For Indigenous Capitalism

Richard Ah Mat

Beyond Yorta Yorta

John Basten QC

Office of the Registrar of Aboriginal Corporations’ Proposed Reforms to the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act 1976: Issues Relevant to the Native Title Sector

Laura Beacroft

Paper to the Native Title Conference 2003

Geoff Clark

The Constitutive Role of the Native Title Act in the Definition of the Social Situations it Occasions

Simon Correy

Whose Dispute? Mediating Native Title

Mary Edmunds

Imagine what could happen if we worked together: Shared Responsibility and a whole of governments approach

Di Hawgood

Social Justice then Native Title

Bill Jonas

Wotjobaluk: the Long Road to the River

Peter Kennedy

Modern Agreement Making in Australia Issues and Trends

Marcia Langton & Lisa Palmer

Native History Title?":Contesting History in Native Title Claims

Ann McGrath

Native Title Rights After Yorta Yorta

Greg McIntyre

Indigenous Land Corporation

Shirley McPherson

Where to from here?

Graeme Neate

Where we’ve come from and where we’re at with the Opportunity that is Koiki Mabo's Legacy to Australia

Noel Pearson

Native Title and Agreement Making: Focusing on Outcomes for Indigenous Peoples

Professor Ciaran O’Faircheallaigh

NTRB External Accountability Requirements

Mamun Rashid

Making the Future of Native Title

Senator Aden Ridgeway

Future directions

David Ross

The Federal Court of Australia and Native Title Outcomes: Not only Limits but Opportunities

Warwick Soden

New Directions for ATSIC in Relation to Native Title

Brian Stacey

Indigenous Community Capacity Building and the relationship to sound governance and leadership

Russell Taylor

"Public Works": practical implications and legal arguments about extinguishment of native title by the construction of public works on Torres Strait Islander Land

Terry Waia & Georgina Reid

Human Rights and Nationhood in the International Context Self-Determination and Indigenous Nations in the United States International Human Right, Federal Policy, and Indigenous Nationhood

Christine Zuni Cruz