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Aboriginal Australia Map


The Aboriginal Australia map (edited by David Horton) is copyright AIATSIS and cannot be reproduced without permission.

The map is a large-scale printed product available for sale in two formats.You can purchase it via our online shop or order it from your local bookseller. You do not require permission to display printed copies of the map.

AIATSIS gives limited permission to reproduce or copy the map, but permission will not be given to make any changes to it (see Permissions) .

What the map attempts to do

The map represents research carried out for the Encyclopaedia of Aboriginal Australia. TheEncyclopaedia (now out of print but available in libraries) contains more detailed information than is available on the map.

The research method was to use the published resources available between 1988 and 1994. The map was then created as a graphic illustration. It indicates only the general location of larger groupings of people, which may include smaller groups such as clans, dialects or individual languages in a group.

What the map doesn’t attempt to do

The Aboriginal Australia map does not claim to be definitive and is not the only source of information about language and social groups.

The information in the map is contested and may not be agreed to by some landowners.

The boundaries are not intended to be exact and as it was produced before native title legislation, the map is not suitable for use in native title or other land claims.

Where you can find more information

If you want detailed and up-to-date information about groups and boundaries, get in touch with the relevant local Land Council. Or, you can visit the AIATSIS online database, AUSTLANG. The National Native Title Tribunal website www.nntt.gov.au provides maps showing native title determinations and claims.

Purchasing the map

You can purchase a copy of the map directly from our online shop or order it from your local bookseller. You don't need our permission to display copies of the purchased map.

The map is available in two sizes. Both sizes are available flat (that is, without folds or creases, ready to hang on a wall) or folded.

Rochelle with large flat maps Rochelle with folded maps

Rochelle Jones, ASP's publishing assistant, shows the flat maps on the left and the folded maps on the right.

Costs and dimensions

Small - RRP $14.95
Flat: ISBN 9780855754969
Folded: ISBN 9780855754976

Large - RRP $24.95
Flat: ISBN 9780855754914
Folded: ISBN 9780855754921

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Flat maps will be mailed to you in a tube to avoid creasing and damage and sent by registered post to better ensure their safe arrival.

Flat maps

Australia and New Zealand (incl GST)

1-3 maps add $13.50
4-9 maps add $21.50
10-15 maps add $35.00

Folded maps

Australia and New Zealand (incl GST)

1-3 maps add $12.00
4-9 maps add $20.00
10+ maps add $30.00

Permission to reproduce the map

You do not require permission to display a copy of the map you have purchased. However, if you want to reproduce or copy the map (on a website, in a presentation etc.) you need our permission to do so. Read our background information before completing our request form (on the right) and email it to: ASPPermissions@aiatsis.gov.au.