Fight for Liberty and Freedom: The origins of Australian Aboriginal activism



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Nov 2007, pb, 230x152mm, 208pp, b/w illus
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The Australian Aboriginal Progressive Association (AAPA), begun in 1924, is little heard of today, but today’s Aboriginal political movement is drawn from these roots. In this passionate exploration of the life of founder, Fred Maynard, John Maynard reveals the commitment and sacrifices made by these Aboriginal heroes.

Decades earlier than is commonly understood, Aboriginal people organised street rallies and held well-publicised regional and metropolitan meetings. The AAPA showed incredible aptitude in using newspaper coverage, letter writing and petitions, and collaborated with the international black movement through Maynard’s connections with Marcus Garvey, first president of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA).

The AAPA’s demands resonate today: Aboriginal rights to land, preventing Aboriginal children being taken from their families, and defending a distinct Aboriginal cultural identity.

Professor John Maynard is Professor of Aboriginal Studies, Newcastle University. His previous publications include Aboriginal Stars of the Turf. He was also a contributor to the Uncommon Ground.

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